Art Instruction

A Teacher's Revenge

The wonderful thing about art is you don't need any special certification or degree to do it professionally or for fun. And with the Internet, there are numerous resources at ones disposal.

I personally have benefited greatly from the generosity of others to share their knowledge thru website posts and tutorials, and I want to return the favor by sharing what I've learned with others.

So I’ve prepared a series of lessons and resources to instruct the up-and-coming artists from step one. There are also valuable lessons for the experienced artist and designer to improve his already great skill.

At the right you'll see which lessons I offer. Right now not all of the links work, and those that do are a little thin. Check back often, because this will be an ongoing project. I'll try to keep the RSS Feed updated so you’ll know when new material is up.

I hope you find my art instruction as valuable as I've found others.

Thank a Teacher for your Education